Article 1 Name

It is created an association whose name is Stichting PRESENCE.

Article 2 Headquarters

Its headquarters are: Andromedaring 30, 3328 HB Dordrecht Nederland.

Article 3 Duration

Thirty plus years.

Article 4 Purpose

Stimulate, support and develop research, development and work inaugurated and developed by artist and therapist Liane Collot 1907-1999.

Article 5 Vehicles

° Assist in the development of training centers under the leadership of Liane Collot worldwide as already done in France to Present Workshops in Chatou.

° Assist in the development of this research at all levels.

° Gather the archives for the sustainability and continuation of this pulse.

° Gather pictorial works Liane Collot to promote access to students, teachers and researchers.

° Enabling access to an international professional organization and aim for academic recognition.

° Organizing conferences, exhibitions, publications and any legal action for achieving the goal of Stichting PRESENCE.

° Supporting people who want to train according to this pulse.

° Support those working for the implementation and development of this pulse.

Article 6 Resources

The resources of the Stichting PRESENCE consist of free contributions, subsidies, donations, bequests and any contribution allowed by law.

Article 7 Bureau

It consists of at least two people who will be at the beginning:

Erica Eikenboom and Anna Martens.

The Bureau may bring in new members to itself and the officers can exchange their functions.

The quality of Board members is lost by death, resignation, expulsion if found by other officers as not serving the purpose of the Stichting PRESENCE.

Article 8 Operation of the Office

Decisions are taken by a majority of members present.

Article 9 Liability and Accounting

The base year of accounting is from September 1 to August 31.

The Treasurer is responsible to present a simple balance sheet accounts each year before Dec. 31. The Office will issue a discharge.

Article 10 Operation of the Office and Representation

The Office has the opportunity to spend any contract it considers necessary.
It takes a minimum of two officers to represent the Stichting PRESENCE or be specially authorized by the Bureau.

Article 11 Change of statutes and dissolution

The statutes can be modified and Stichting PRESENCE dissolved at any time by a majority vote of the Board.

In case of dissolution a liquidator is appointed to settle a positive accounting destination of an organization whose purpose is close to the purpose of the Stichting PRESENCE.

Article 12

The Office may take any legal decision in all cases not provided for in these statutes.